Beijing Tiptop International Apartment
Beijing MOMA International Apartment
Beijing pop-MOMA International Apartment
Yingkou Huiming Residential Area in Liaoning
JINAN Shanjing Mingzhu Garden Project

Zhenjiang Sino-Swiss Eco-Industrial Park
Hangzhou Biomedicine entrepreneurial base project
Beijing KongGangRongHuiYuan MAX Office Building
Zhenjiang Foreign Language School Campus
The 91th Central Hospital OF P.L.A., Jaozhuo
The 152 Central Hospital of PLA
The 153 Central Hospital of PLA

Design to join performance and human needs--Comfortable Living


All the works of KT in China meet the demands of being healthy, comfortable and energy-saving,
bear the features of fresh indoor air, temperature stability, no noise, no draught feeling,
no bad odour in kitchen and toilet. All the space is well equipped in compact layout,
low energy consumption, low operation cost and high performance/price ratio etc.

Inspiring Workplaces--Driving innovation through healthy,inspiring workplaces.


Along with economic development, the material demand is gradually satisfied, thus modern people have higher pursuit of spirit.
Ignoring apparent extravagance and luxury and seeking harmony and sustainable development are becoming common practice in contemporary society.
Therefore, even as a urban node, the project will not pose itself as “landmark”, but really act as a carrier of contemporary spiritual level
and scientific and technological information and become a node of regional history.

Healthy Life--Improving life by designing for health.


We understand the fundamental challenge facing healthcare today: the need to care for more people at less cost,
while upholding high quality and service standards. That’s why we employ not only designers, but also clinicians, medical planners,
strategic consultants, and other healthcare professionals who work alongside providers to explore new practices and processes,
and to reconsider traditional assumptions. Our holistic understanding of care addresses physical, mental, and social wellbeing — of patients,
staff, and community alike. Through our design, we help our clients to optimize the relation between health and physical space in order to streamline operations,
enrich the staff and patient experiences, and improve the benefits of health care.

School Campus--Design at the intersection of disciplines.


Academic campuses are places apart. On the one hand, they are places of reverence and tradition, rich with history,
where architecture lasts for generations; on the other, they are highly collaborative networks of intersecting disciplines,
continually producing new knowledge. Today, fueled by new technology, they generate new pedagogies as well,
where information is no longer transmitted in a straight line from master to student, but where hybrid learning centers
on team-based problem-solving and handson engagement. Students demand more interactive curricula, and more interactive spaces to support it.