Keller Technologys won the 2015 Swiss Business Award


Beijing, September 29, 2015 evening - At the 2015 Swiss Business Awardsceremony in Beijing, the world leader in the realization and promotion ofhealthy, comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings,Beijing Keller Technologies Co., Ltd. was awarded the "InnovationAward for Small and Medium Enterprises".

The 2015 Swiss Business Awards ceremony, organized by the Swiss Chamberof Commerce in China, aims to recognize the outstanding contributions ofenterprises, institutions and individuals in promoting business cooperation anddevelopment between China and Switzerland in recent years, and is divided intoseven awards.   Members of the Swiss Federal Council and Minister of Commerce, Swiss Ambassadorto China, Chairman of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and many Chinese and Swissbusiness dignitaries, including more than 300 Professor Keller, Chairman of the Swiss Keller Company, and Swiss Ambassador Jean-Jacquesde Dardel, had a cordialconversation

The President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce made anopening statement

Professor Keller, chairman of the Swiss Keller Technologies, and the Swiss Ambassador Jean-Jacques de Dardel had a cordial conversation

Dr. Tian Yuan, CEO of Keller Technologies, took the stage to accept the award and felt a lot:

Our company, as a spin-off of ETHZ   feels very much honored and happy by this award. We are very happy and proud of it and we hope, it can help us to bring Chinese buildings to proceed even more   on the way to a better sustainability. Last but not least, we also are aware, that this result would not have been possible without the high commitments and skills of our collaborators. Many thanks to them also.

Beijing Keller Technologies Co., Ltd. won the SME Innovation Award

Swiss Ambassador toChina Jean-Jacques de Dardel, and Dr. Keller Technologies Tian Yuan of Beijing pose for a group photo

All the winners took agroup photo