Beijing MOMA International Apartment

A Model Project of Energy Efficiency and Supreme Comfort

Beijing MOMA International Apartment

After the success of the healthy and comfortable building system at Tiptop in Beijing, KT got another project named MOMA in Beijing. MOMA is located at No.1 Xiangheyuan Road, Dongcheng District. The total floor area is 60'000m2. This project includes 2 towers each one has 26 floors.

Name: MOMA International Apartments

Type: Residential

Location: Beijing 100028, Xiangheyuan Road 1, Dongzhimen District

Size: 60’000 m2

Status: In operation since fall 2005

Investor: Modern Group, Real Estate Developer

Design: Prof. Dietmar Eberle / Dr. Tian Yuan (Keller Technologies Ltd.)

Technology: Keller Technologies Ltd.

Comment: Great sales success of Modern Group