Beijing POP-MOMA International Apartment

Initial Application of KT’s Technology in a Commercial Construction

Beijing POP-MOMA International Apartment

As a follow up of the MOMA project, POPMOMA with three towers of 24, 26 and 34 levels and a shopping area and conference center with a total of 100'000m2 floor space is was realized by Keller Technologies. It applies the same technologies as MOMA and the services supplied by KT are the same.

Name: MOMA International Apartments

Type: Residential

Location: Beijing 100028, Xiangheyuan Road 1, Dongzhimen District

Size: 60’000 m2

Status: In operation since fall 2005

Investor: Modern Group, Real Estate Developer

Design: Prof. Dietmar Eberle / Dr. Tian Yuan (Keller Technologies Ltd.)

Technology: Keller Technologies Ltd.