Harbin Chenneng Creek green project

First Application of KT's Technology in freezing fields at Northeast

Harbin Chenneng Creek green project

The ice city Harbin located in north-eastern China has a nearly 6 months long severe winter time. This is the first application of Swiss Keller Technology in severe cold region. In addition to a extensive thermal-insulation, it consists of ceiling radiant heating & cooling systems and substitutive central ventilation. In summer it uses ground-source cooling systems.

Name: Harbin Chenneng Creek Tree Courtyards

Type: private Residences

Location: Tallahassee Street, Nangang District, Harbin 117

Size: 100’000 m2

Status: In operation since spring 2010

Investor: Heilongjiang Chenneng Shengyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Design: Harbin Institute of Technology

Technology: Keller Technologies Ltd.